Monday, January 7, 2013

Relaxation Masturbation

This weekend, like most weekends, I spent a lot of time masturbating.  Typically when I edge for several hours and as my penis gets more and more sensitive and needy, my bate gets more excited and frantic.  I will get gooned out and stoopid on my penis and can find myself literally drooling over porn while squirming, grunting, laughing, moaning, etc.  I can look like some junkie having a fit.  This weekend was a little different, though.  Rather than getting bate-crazy, I became more bate-relaxed.

As far as I can tell, there's no real reason why my bate went in the relaxed direction this time as opposed to turning into a frantic bate-frenzy, which is more common for me.  I always start out with slow strokes, calmly looking at whatever porn happens to catch my attention at the moment.  Later into my bate things typically start to happen faster.  This time, though, the slow stroking continued.  It kept on for hours and hours.  I just kept my entire body relaxed and kept masturbating calmly.  It wasn't intentional.  I didn't even realize there was anything different until a couple of hours into my edge.  It just kind of happened on it's own.  That's what my penis wanted, I guess, and who am I to argue with what my penis wants?  I did cum at the end of several hours, and the ejaculation was just as intense and wonderful as ever.

The whole experience left me with a calm, even serene, feeling throughout most of the weekend.  It was fantastic, and a welcome change to my bate routine.  I wouldn't call it better by any means.  It was just... different, and sometimes different is good.  I'm looking forward to more relaxation masturbation weekends, even as I continue to get regularly bate-crazy in the majority of my free time.

My penis rules my life.

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