Monday, May 14, 2012

Home from Healthy Friction

I made it home from Healthy Friction yesterday evening and I took a nap almost immediately, followed by a slow stroke lying in bed, remembering.  It was a great weekend and I can't thank Billy enough for putting together another successful weekend for us masturbators.  I think his final count was something around 85 attendees, which is more than last year.  There were penises being masturbated everywhere!

Like I said in my earlier post, I wanted to try different ways of masturbating this month, and Healthy Friction allowed me to do just that.  I had such a great time stroking with masturbators like Billy, Ian, Dave, Andrew, Joe, Joe (penisface!), Larry, Dean, Tom (fully erect!), Alex, Jim, Byron, Chris, Matt, James, Peter, David, Jeremy, Jim, Phillip, and all of the others whose names are escaping my addled brain right now.

Unfortunately I had to return to work today, but I'll be posting my daily recaps this week while they're fresh in my mind.  I hope they make you masturbate.

Fully erect adult male penis.

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  1. i await your detailed account ☺ my penis longs to stiffen as i read of your masturbation joy. can't wait to hear of the erections and how you saw men become aroused for each other. i'm sure your penis will be throbbing as you share the hot memories......CAN HARDLY WAIT !!!