Monday, May 21, 2012

Healthy Friction 2012 Experience: Saturday

Saturday began in much the same way as Friday, but I woke up feeling a bit... off.  When I made my way from my bedroom to the living room, there were already masturbators stroking and watching porn.  I joined them after cleaning up a little bit from the night before.  It was great morning masturbation, fueled by the porn on the big screen and my bate brothers.  After a while I stopped without cumming and went to the kitchen.  I made myself a late breakfast, this time making some extra for the bate buds who were up and around as well.  We ate then began another day of casual masturbation and relaxation.

I spent much of the morning outside again, floating, sunning, and masturbating my penis some more.  I tried to relax as much as possible, because I still wasn't feeling quite right.  I didn't feel sick, but I didn't feel well, either.  Around me, however, the day of bate was in full swing.  The pool area several masturbators of all types, sitting around talking and stroking.  Young, old, middle age, slim, heavy, muscular, big penises and small, we were all masturbating together.  Not to mention the constant flow of men in and out of the house, indulging in porn and buddy-bate on the sofas.  I could look in any direction and see cocks being stroked in the sun or greasy penises being edged.  Every now and then you would hear the tell-tale sounds of a masturbator cumming, and there was almost always encouragement given by those around him.  He would be cheered on and encouraged to shoot his load anywhere and everywhere.

I'm sorry to say that by early afternoon I wasn't feeling any better, so I decided to hide myself away in my room for a nap.  I slept for a couple of hours, waking slightly now and then to the sounds of masturbation and ejaculation from the other room.  I didn't mind, though.  I always seemed to fall right back to sleep with a smile on my face.  When I woke, I hung out in my room a bit longer, waking up completely and masturbating my penis.  I felt much better, but unfortunately I hear I missed a lot of hot stroking that went on that afternoon.  Oh well.

By the time I made my way to the living room, my penis was needing more masturbation (of course) so I sat myself down on a sofa and watched some of the ever-playing porn and began to edge myself silly.  After about an hour or so of stroking another bator grabbed my penis and took over.  It didn't take long before I was shooting my semen all over myself thanks to his expert hands.  I hadn't cum since the previous night, so it was a big, exhausting load.  I kind of staggered out to the pool where several masturbators were dressed and ready to go out to dinner.

Rather than go with them all for mexican food (I didn't want to test my stomach now that it was feeling better), I ended up going out to a different restaurant with a handful of other masturbators.  We had a nice dinner and talked and enjoyed ourselves.  It was fun being out in public with other masturbators.  I kept thinking about how, in just a little while, we'd all be back at the Triangle Inn, masturbating the night away.  When we returned, I floated a bit more in the pool to digest.  After just a little while, I joined the masturbators in the house (many more had arrived, as Saturday night is usually the busiest night) and we all were masturbating penis with gusto.  The porn was playing, lube was everywhere, there were lots of men all around the house stroking, and everyone was enjoying themselves.  Once again, the mix was varied:  young, old, thin, large, out of shape and muscular, we were all masturbators together, indulging our penises.

At some point, after edging for a while on a sofa with the incredibly hot Beefmuscle81, I was standing up in the room, masturbating closely with Goonedbatorbud and Joejacker.  All three of us were getting deep into the bate.  Soon we were surrounded by more masturbators, all egging us on, deeper and deeper.  I'm not sure what happened then, but suddenly I was at the center of a large circle of bators.  There had to have been around ten or twelve men around me, many of them touching my body in some way as I took myself deeperinto my batehole.  Another masturbator leaned in close to me, whispering things about penis in my ear.  It was too much and all of my inhibitions let go at once.  Suddenly I was gooning as deeply as I would have been alone, completely and shamelessly.  I moaned, grunted, snorted, gasped, whined, and made just about every batenoise you can think of.  I even babbled a bit right there in the middle of the small crowd of masturbators.  Between all of the hands on me, the two different set of fingers working my nipples, the bate-whispers in my ear, and the penis pleasure I was feeling from my own hand, I lost control of my edge.  I ejaculated loudly, spraying myself and anyone who was close enough to be hit by it.  I was cheered and encouraged, the way men should cheer and encourage each other when we masturbate.  It felt amazing.

After a few minutes of coming down off of the incredible high from being in the middle of the circle, I detached myself and went to find a drink of water (all I could think of was how thirsty I was after that).  It was long, though, until I was back in my room with B8trAZ, Goondance, and Joejacker.  The four of us wanted to get deep into a poppergoon together and decide to form a batepile on the bed.  Batepile is the best word for it, actually.  We were a tangled mess of body parts, twisted together and masturbating.  We stroked ourselves and each other constantly.  We passed around my poppers to help us get stoopid on penis.  We made out and masturbated.  We talked about masturbating, we chanted about penis, and just generally gooned out together for a long, long time.  It was beautiful and probably my favorite time out of the entire weekend.  Evean after my deep goon in the living room earlier, I couldn't help but sink deep down into the batehole with my three hot masturbator brothers.  Eventually we all ejaculated on each other, and fell into another heap on the bed.

After three loads for the day and hours and hours of edging, I was ready to relax and then head to bed.  By the time the four of us were done gooning in the bedroom, it was approaching midnight.  To help with the winding down, I floated in the pool some more with Joejacker and Matt82.  The three of us made out more and bonded over penis and brotherhood.  I also relaxed outside in the wonderful night air for a while and talked with other masturbators as the night wound down.  Men continued to bate until the early hours, casually together on the sofa or by the pool, or some standing together here and there, stroking each other.  I think I made it to bed around 2 after staying up later than expected to talk with batebuddies by the hot tub.  I don't remember my head hitting the pillow.


  1. sounds absolutely awesome!

    1. Oh yeah, sounds like a good bate time!