Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Healthy Friction 2012 Experience: Thursday

I left work early and was able to arrive at the Triangle Inn just before 4pm.  That gave me just enough time to check in, say hello to the masturbators who had already arrived, and have a quick swim in the main resort pool.  There were about 8 guys there already, so we hung out naked in and around the pool until it was time for the Meet and Greet at the Tool Shed.  My roommate for the weekend, Goondance, and I walked the few blocks together a little after 5pm.

The Meet and Greet had a great turn-out.  There were many of us wearing our Healthy Friction shirts to identify us as part of the group.  Others I recognized from previous years.  There was no penis exposure or open masturbation at the bar (the establishment frowns on that these days) but we all had a good time drinking and talking together.  There was a definite air of excitement about the weekend to come.

Around 7pm, after we had all made our separate ways back to our various hotels and resorts, those of us staying at the Triangle itself, along with a few others, began to settle in and relax.  Some of us hung around the pool masturbating, while others began to set up the main room with porn on the big screen TV.  This is pretty much how the evening was spent.  It was a small group of masturbators (maybe a dozen or so), but we stroked for hours and hours.  We watched each other, encouraged each other to get deeper and deeper, and helped each other stroke our erect penises well into the night.

I edged myself for almost seven hours that first night.  At one point I was sitting on a sofa with other masturbators nearby while I watched the porn on the TV.  Matt82 had snuck behind me at some point and I felt his hands working my nipples.  There were a few other masturabtors stroking penis next to me, getting very verbal and deep into a goon session.  More were across the room on the opposite sofa, stroking their rigid erections.  It was my first sensory overload of the weekend and I felt myself getting very close to cumming.  I stopped with no time to spare, only letting a few dribbles of semen flow out, not wanting to cum just yet.  It was masturbation bliss.  I rode waves of pleasure for measurable minutes before my breathing finally slowed and I was able to start stroking again.

There were several other highlights of the night for me.  I remember a certain gooner from San Francisco hunched over another penis on the sofa, gooning out and chanting to it.  He was so deep he couldn't even babble; it was more like tongue wagging noises.  There were a few other bators around, stroking and encouraging.  It was incredibly hot.  It made me masturbate.

Another time when I was on the sofa, Goondance stood up in front of the sofas and really started to show off his erect, masturbated penis for us.  It soon took over, of course, and he shot his cum all over the floor of the living room, gooning in a deep monkeybate right there in front of us.

The night went on and on like this until almost 2am.  We were masturbators sharing a deep, personal penis goon together.  We connected and shared our masturbation.  We were amazed at how deep we all actually went.  After all, it was only Thursday.

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  1. Sounds like some good bate sessions to start the weekend. Too bad there are no shots of your two bate tools together.