Thursday, May 17, 2012

Healthy Friction 2012 Experience: Friday

I woke up Friday morning to find men already masturbating in the living room.  They were already watching porn and pulling on their penises while the rest of us were just starting our day.  I was wearing boxers (bacon splatters too much to cook it naked!) and proceeded to play with myself through them a bit while I made myself some breakfast.  After eating, I sat outside in the sunshine in a lounge chair near the pool and masturbated.  I still hadn't cum since the slight dribble the night before so my penis was already feeling needy.  I put on some sunblock, took a bottle of water and a tub of Albolene with me, and stroked my penis for almost an hour in the sun.

During my sunny stroke time a few other masturbators began to show up for the first arrival time.  After a while there were about 25 or so around the pool and inside, beating meat together.  I wanted to continue my edge through the morning, so I stroked slowly and casually for most of it.  I masturbated myself silly several times, stopping just before I was about to cum, backing off so I could enjoy the edge.

At one point, I was getting really deep on a sofa next to Bud4bro and the two of us were feeding each other.  We were two buds penising together and we were talking each other deeper and deeper into our respective bateholes.  We talked about our fully erect male penises and how we were masturbating them together.  We were two men making our cocks feel good.  It was amazing.  We connected on a deep brotherly level and I feel especially close to him now that we did.  If you ever get a chance to bate with him, take it.

As the morning went on, many masturbators ejaculated and then left for a while.  I imagine some of them went off to refuel at lunch, but several of us stayed a while longer to get deeper into our bate together.  I specifically remember a couple of hot masturbators from the LA area who drove out together.  Two bate buddies taking a day off from their respective families to come to Healthy Friction and bate penis with other men.  They were both great masturbators and fed my penisbate a lot.  One of the two was responsible for my first orgasm of the weekend, in fact.  I was on one end of a sofa and the beefier of the two was sort of straddling the overstuffed arm of it.  His penis was only inches from my face so I grabbed it and started stroking it while he grabbed my erection and stroked it.  His big, shiny, greasy penis was literally about 2 inches from my face when I lost control.  His masturbated dong right there in front of me and the sounds and feelings of masturbation all around us, including his friend's hot gooning, just sent me over the edge.  He stopped stroking me when I began to cum because I was trying to maintain my edge, but it was too late.  I had to grab myself and pump out my first cumload of the weekend.

After I shot my cum, I was exhausted and hungry so I grabbed some food out of the kitchen, ate it quickly, then went right back to masturbating on the sofa where the rest of the bators were still going.  A couple of other bators had joined them, in fact.  I took an open spot at the other end of the same sofa I was on before and slowly stroked myself while I took in the frenzied bate scene in front of me.  The two friends from LA were on an adjacent sofa together, opposite each other.  They had their crotches and penises mashed together between them and would alternate with one stroking them both together while the other was gooning.  On the other side of me were more hot masturbators in a loose group at the other end of the sofa.  They were all in various states of deep gooning, all of them breathing, stroking, and moaning together in penislust.  After a while, a true cum chain commenced.  One masturbator began to cum, then the bator next to him started, then the next, and so on.  It was a circle of ejaculation, one right after the other.  I watched them shooting their loads all over each other while I edged my penis.

Later, after more edging and relaxing, I had to run back to my condo to grab my DVD player.  The one provided in the house wasn't working properly and, being the local, I offered to get mine as a replacement so we could continue to watch porn all weekend.  I didn't feel like making the drive alone, so I asked Goondance to ride along with me and he happily agreed.  We talked and bonded more on the trip and when we got to my place he had to play with his penis a bit on my bed.  On my bed!  It was very cool to see a masturbator who I had watched online many, many times, and bonded with at Healthy Friction events, playing with his penis on my bed.  Very exciting and surreal.

When we got back to the Triangle Inn, there was of course more masturbation.  The arrival times came and went and I spent them in a bit of a batehaze.  I remember bits and pieces, but I was deep in my batehole for a lot of it and the memories are a little fuzzy.  I do remember the very hot Joejacker coming up to me to say hi in the kitchen while I was stuffing my face when I stopped for dinner.  He politely introduced himself as a Solosexual blog reader.  It was flattering and embarrassing (I was elbows-deep in microwave burritos) and I hope I mumbled out an appropriate greeting through my mouthful of food!

From there the night degenerated into a mix of relaxing in the pool/spa and various deep goonbates.  I would watch porn a while, then watch all of the other masturbators who arrived here and there, then swim a bit and talk with whomever was in the pool with me, etc.  I did shoot my second load at some point, as well, but the night just seemed to go on and on, in a very good way.  It was how I want to live everyday, sharing penis masturbation with other men all day.

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  1. I am thrilled as I read your detailed account, and have already ejaculated load after load.....I can hardly wait for the next installation, all the joy of your public erections, and orgasms.....every detail gets me more engorged as I enjoy my own penis and it's response to your hot weekend!!