Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ask Me Anything: Have You Been Converted To A Cummer Yet?

04/01/2014:  How's it going?  You've not been converted to a cummer yet by your friend?  You're still an addicted solosexual edger for hours and hours each day?  Just trying to keep up with the latest news.
Things are going well, thanks, though I haven't actually moved yet.  That won't be for another few weeks at least.  Jack and I are both very excited to get things going in our masturbationship and our lives together in general.  I assure you, though, Jack hasn't converted me to a cummer.  He won't even try.  That's what's great about this masturbationship:  we both know exactly what we're getting.  He knows I'm a solosexual edger who masturbates to pornography for hours everyday, and he's happy with that.  The same holds true for me.  I know Jack is a filthy fuckin' masturbator who loves strokin' to porn (and the occasional buddybate), and I'm happy with that, too.  It's what attracted us to each other in the first place.

Ask Me Anything: How Do I Let Go Of My Masturbation Shame?

03/26/2014:  Hey Edginguy. Stumbled across your blog. It's incredible! I admire your 
addiction and would like to become addicted too. I've always had a high sex 
drive, but for some reason not much desire to masturbate. Any advise on how 
to let go of masturbation shame and really get into my penis? I'd greatly 
appreciate it. Thanks.

Thanks for the nice compliment!  As for your question, that's a tough one.  Masturbation shame is entirely dependent on whatever factors you have or have had in your life to cause it.  Generally speaking, though, I'd say your best bet is to work on caring less about what other people think of your private habits altogether.  That was a big part of my solosexual realization:  It didn't just have to do with my masturbation.  It was an epiphany about my life as a whole, and how I perceived myself in it.  I simply stopped giving a shit about trying to be someone or something I'm not for other people.  As for masturbation specifically, remind yourself constantly that everyone does it and that it's not something to be ashamed of.  Or you can be like some masturbators and embrace the shame you feel and help it push you deeper into your masturbation addiction.  I recommend if that's something you think interests you.  The community there is amazing for masturbators who thrive on the feelings of inadequacy and shame that masturbation addiction can bring.  Either way, good luck!

Ask Me Anything: Should I Release Spunk When Edging?

03/21/2014:  As regards edging,is it actually releasing spunk?from my beginnings i   
knew that the orgasm was the end of the wank.but the strokes just before 
orgasm could be enjoyed again and again if spunking didnt happen.should i 
be letting some spunk out?

Technically, "edging" is getting that amazing pre-orgasm feeling over and over again without cumming, but really that's entirely up to you.  If it feels good to let a little semen dribble out, the do it!  Make the penis feel good in whatever way you like!  If you have a full orgasm, that usually signals the end of the edge, though I know some edgers who can get it right back even after cumming (lucky fuckers).  Experiment and practice with different ways to edge and different ways to cum, either a little or a lot.  You'll have fun, I promise!

Ask Me Anything: Are You Naked All The Time?

03/09/2014:  Are you or do you stay naked all the time?
No, unfortunately.  I love being naked and I'd prefer to be a full time nudist masturbator if I had the choice, but it's not feasible right now or for the foreseeable future.  For now I just spend as much time naked as I can.

Ask Me Anything: Do You Like To Get Naked Outside And Jack Off?

03/07/2014:  Hey dude, ever like to get naked outside, jack off, show off?  I'm big time exhibitionist always looking for others who like to show.
Naked Jake
I LOVE being naked outside and masturbating myself for other men.  Exhibitionism is something I've loved since I was very young.  I've talked before about how I would have my masturbation spots in the woods and how I would cruise truck stops back when I had sex.  It turns me on like crazy to expose myself to men and "get caught" jerking off in public!  I've already checked out potential spots to do it in the area I'm moving to.